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Comprehensive Guidelines for Escort Recruitment in Amsterdam

Both agencies and escorts seeking to work for them need to follow standard guidelines. These are in place to help everyone avoid potential issues that could crop up without any structure in place. When recruiting or job seeking online it is important to complete an initial form for consideration. This helps weed out the most basic undesirable elements. Up to date, and preferably professional, photographs of the same quality that a model uses for her portfolio are suggested.

As an Amsterdam escort agency, you must ensure your reputation by making both legal and practical choices. In order to protect the safety of the escorts, security checks on clients may be necessary. Likewise, in order to protect the client, you must be certain the girls working for you are following safety protocols and up to the standards you set. Once you have accepted an initial application and vetted the information, a personal interview is the next logical step.

Set forth the agency expectations clearly when you conduct your initial meeting. Make certain the potential contractor understands that you will not do business with her if she is caught in violation of these policies. Verify her documents and be sure to discuss basic safety especially if she is new to being an escort in Amsterdam. Prior experience is nice, but working in a different city or country can be a very different experience from what is normal and expected in the Netherlands.

For Agencies to Verify

  • Age. All escort girls working in Amsterdam need to be over 18. Make sure they possess a passport or equivalent legal form of identification and a birth certificate at least.
  • Language. Escorts need to speak excellent English. An escort who is bilingual or a polyglot (speaks several languages fluently) is an excellent resource, but basic English and Dutch fluency is still necessary.
  • Appearance. Look carefully at the photos your escorts plan to use. Verify that the girl who arrives at the interview is indeed the same one shown in the pictures. Remind them politely that 'catfishing,' or using other women's' pictures is not permitted and if caught she will be removed from your directory immediately.
  • Demeanor. The way a girl presents herself matters a great deal. It helps to be familiar with the way each escort carries herself and how they speak as clients may have specific requests that this knowledge can help you to fulfill. Confidence is vital, and she should show this in her bearing and conversational skills during the interview. Make note of her tone, whether she is soft-spoken or bold and any quirks or intriguing details that may help you to have more satisfied customers. Different men have different desires.
  • Variety. Amsterdam escort agencies are world famous with good reason. While hiring a dozen blonde bombshells, delicate Japanese flowers or spicy latinas is always a good plan, always keep your eyes open for opportunities to expand your offerings. Beyond hair and eye colors, and shades of skin, there are many suitable types of women and the more you employ, the greater your potential client base will be. Hire a range of body and personality types. Always consider a girl who possesses unique and desirable qualities. Ask about their specialties and services and keep a note of this so that clients with particular needs can be accommodated.

For Potential Escorts

  • Willingness. If this is your first time as an escort, please do not get into this line of work if you feel pressured to do so. You need to enter this business with an open mind and a genuine interest in doing the work to succeed at it. This should be a wise and well-considered career or at the very least an excellent temporary job that can help you reach your financial goals in order to move forward in your life. Leave the Hollywood drama to the actresses on TV and become an escort for the right reasons.
  • Money Management. Most of these independent Amsterdam escort girls make very good money, however, all the cash in the world will not do you any good if you spend what you make as soon as it crosses your palm. Budget expenses and work equipment first. It is wise to add to this with a savings account and an emergency fund in case of illness. Only after everything else is covered should you allot money for frivolous spending.
  • Health. Taking care of yourself is not just a matter of having nice hair and makeup. Be certain to have regular visits with your doctor, eat and sleep well and exercise. When you are young and attractive it can feel as though nothing could ever go wrong, but if you don't take basic precautionary steps to assure your own continued health you will surely lose it.
  • Sanity. You need to have your wits about you. The best escorts are classy, educated, well-grounded individuals who enjoy their work and the freedom it provides.
  • Attractive Attitude. The way you treat others reflects on who you are. When you are in the business of dealing with people, having a positive and confident attitude makes a huge difference. You will not have repeat business if no one ever enjoys your company, and it is likely your agency will not keep you in their directory if they get complaints too often.
  • Physical Beauty. Just like modeling or acting, the way you look matters a great deal in the escort business. This does not mean there is no room for different types of girls, but you need to take steps to remain attractive. Beyond just exercising and eating right, you should have your hair and nails done professionally. In order to have a good first impression and get more clients you will want professional pictures, but of equal importance is looking like those pictures when clients first see you.
  • Openmindedness and Courtesy. If you are judgemental, closed off and overtly religiously moral, this is not the right business for you. You need not take every client, but be kind to them anyway. They are people just like you and whatever happens to be 'their thing,' someone will enjoy sharing that experience with them, even if it is not you. If you wish your clients to treat you with respect then you must behave in a respectable manner.
  • Prowess. While skill can certainly be learned, you need to put forth the effort to do so. Practice things you are not great at and take pride in your skill set. You are contributing a valuable service to people who genuinely need you, and this is one way to show you have self-respect. Skilled escorts make better money and have much more repeat business.

Final Thoughts

Hiring escorts in Amsterdam should always be a well-considered process. Guidelines exist for the benefit of all parties and should be strictly followed. The path to a great reputation as an escort agency or an escort is the same. Practice good sense. Treat people well. Do not compromise on your standards and be safe.