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A Men's Guide How to Book Amsterdam Escorts

Escort services offer more than just sex. In fact, depending on the client’s desires, services can run parallel to things one would get out of romantic relationships with a significant other. It is the stigma that is floating around with paying for escort services that stops a lot of people from finding pleasure with so many Amsterdam escorts. The truth is, an escort girl is only doing her job and a client is paying for the service. Compared to other professions where you pay for a service you get, there is nothing different about paying for an escort service. Paying for sex does not mean you are unattractive, dirty, or a pervert. Desiring sex is a normal feeling that is harder for some individuals to find naturally.

Therefore, prostitutes are an option for busy people who need a release or some companionship – no questions or strings attached. If curiosity about sex services has ever occurred but where to start is unclear, then this is the right place to be. Everything a client needs to know about how to use escort services and what to expect is at their fingertips. Let’s get started!

Amsterdam Escorts Offer Valuable Relationships

Amsterdam escorts are more than just beautiful girls who offer mind-blowing sex. A lot of them struggle to develop relationships outside of their work because of the time-consuming aspect of it. In fact, it is hard for a lot of girls to find boyfriends or husbands and maintain those relationships. As a result, spending time with their clients offers the escort valuable companionship as well. It may be surprising to know that a lot of clients have developed serious relationships with their escorts, so you never know what could happen.

It is a No-Strings Attached

Deal Clients who have ever wanted to fuck a woman but don’t want the emotional attachment or even having to cuddle her afterwards can find this in an escort. Perhaps the desire to want to get down to business and then take off without any conversation is there. Well, this is exactly why prositutes stay in business. They profit off of every desire of the client. Sure, you have to pay them for their services, but you do not have to spend time talking or getting to know her before you have sex. Sex with an escort is perfect for men who want a quickie between their shift at work or even on their way home. It is an outlet source for men and women who do not want any emotional attachment. Developing a serious relationship is important for some men, but not all men want one and that is okay. There is a lot of pressure on men to find a wife, settle down, and become domesticated. And, if a man does neither of these things, he is considered a loser, player, or even an embarrassment to his family. The truth is, this is very untrue! Men all over the world enjoy escort services and should not be considered anything but a man for doing so.

Escorts Help with Healing After Relationships

After being with a partner for some time and splitting, it can be hard to move on to a new relationship. Escorts can help clients move on by providing company and sex without attachment. Sex is necessary in many people’s lives in order to focus and be happy. However, it is hard to find someone on the street or at a bar to hook up with every night and then go separate ways. This is where escorts come in to play and are changing the sex lives of many men and women.

Amsterdam Escorts Can Teach You Many Things

No matter how experienced you are in the bedroom, there is always something you’ll learn from a confident hooker. Escorts offer a comfortable environment to practice and gain new sexual skills to use in your own relationships. In fact, many men use escort services so that they can pleasure their wife or girlfriends better. They do not consider this cheating because they are benefitting their partner in the end.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Where the Relationship is Going

Everyone gets that feeling when they have dated someone for a while, the feeling of where is this going? Or, are they in to me still? Usually this feeling is accompanied with the worry that the person you are interested in may no longer be interested in you. Relationships are complicated – enough said. That is why, spending time with Amsterdam call girls is freeing. Clients no longer have to worry about the longevity of the relationship, asking all the important questions, or feeling like your relationship is on a time limit. An escort is there to please you, not build a serious relationship with you. That is why they remain a wildly popular option for people like you. When clients meet with their companion, they can decide how involved they want to be. While escorts appreciate clients who are friendly and spark conversation, the level of involvement does rely on the client.

Treat it Like a Business

Most of the escorts in Amsterdam treat their work like a professional business, and so should you. If you begin to view it this way, it may make the experience feel more comfortable. The problem is that society has labeled escorts as something of a taboo nature, which makes clients feel dirty for book a service with them. Call girls are running a business and you are paying for their service, there is nothing dirty about it.

Become Familiar with Code Words 

Escorts enjoy using code words, so be sure to familiarize yourself with them before speaking with a girl directly. For example, GFE (girlfriend experience), PSE (porn star experience), DDF (drug and disease free), DT (deep throat), GS (golden shower), and NSA (no strings attached). Using code is just a quicker and more private way of discussing details pertaining to sexual services. It also will make the client look better in the eyes of the escort if you are familiar with some of the most common ones, or especially the codes of services he is interested in. A quick internet search will bring up all the important escort codes you need to know.

Know What You Want

As simple as this sounds, sometimes in the heat of the moment it is easy to forgot your desires, especially if you are nervous or embarrassed. Before you meet with your escort, it is advised to clearly explain what you are wanting out of your time together. It is very important to let her know exactly what you are expecting so that she can ensure you leave satisfied. Remember, escorts are not mind readers. These women see a lot of clients every single day, offering different services and sometimes they may forget or not read the situation correctly. However, it is the client’s job to state what they are wanting out of the experience, and it does not hurt to friendly remind the escort of the purpose of your session. If you want anal, tell her! If you want a girlfriend experience, speak up!

Now that we’ve discussed some basic information regarding booking escort services in Amsterdam, let’s talk about what clients need to know to get started.

Find a Reputable Agency

Do your research to find a reputable agency that hires clean, sophisticated, and professional escort girls. A good agency will ensure clients are only get the very best services, and are also not getting ripped off. Reliable escort agency websites will have adequate photos of models for clients to view, as well as friendly receptionists to call and speak with. If you ever get a bad vibe from an agency, it is best to stay clear of it and find another one (there’s lots out there!). Agency websites contain hundreds of beautiful women looking to meet men. Whether it be for a quickie or passionate intimacy, there is a woman for someone. Typically, an escort's profile will disclose her breast cup, height, weight, and even eye color. Clients can even filter out certain things they are looking for. For example, if someone wants a red head with a 34 C cup, these filters are available to use. Filters save time and allow clients to find escorts they want instantly. It is important to take time searching the websites to ensure the right agency is found.

Read Extensive Reviews

So, some girl catches your eye and you are ready to send her a message…wait! First you must ask yourself have I done my research? Be sure to look through her photos and read all the reviews left. By doing so, you will gain a better idea of who she is and if she is in fact the same girl in her pictures. Reading reviews and leaving honest ones are a must! After doing this, it is then advised to search her name on the web; an internet search can tell a lot about a person. On the opposite side of things, clients should not be alarmed if the escort asks for some information on them and a few pictures. It is completely normal and acceptable for an escort to ask for personal information (never give out your address or social insurance number), as she needs to ensure that who you say you are is accurate. Another way to find an amazing prostitute is word of mouth. Clients should ask around to friends or family they feel comfortable around, to see if anyone has booked an escort in Amsterdam before. Truth be told, one would probably be surprised to find out how many people actually book escorts! The number is quite high. Referrals are an easy way to find a sexy, professional call girl you can trust.

Send Her a Message Prior to Meeting

A friendly message telling her you are looking forward to your session together is a great way to make a good first impression. Don’t make it a length message, but a simple Hi gorgeous. I’m looking forward to meeting you tonight. Can’t wait! is the perfect way to make her smile and think you are a real gentleman.

Always Arrive on Time

A tardy client never looks good. Make sure to know where the destination before leaving the house. It is so important to show up on time and even a few minutes early! Remember, if it is a 10 o’clock session and you arrive at 10:30, then you only have 30 minutes left. Escorts run a business and need things to go on schedule. That said, if clients are going to be late and have the phone number or email of the companion they are seeing, be sure to let her know. Even if she is upset, it is better to contact her instead of letting her think you are not showing up. 

Don’t Show Up Drunk or High

While it is obvious, some individuals need to be reminded to not show up drunk or high. If a client decides to, an escort has every right to immediately cancel the appointment and block the client from future bookings. Drunk or high clients waste their own time and the escorts.

Arrive Clean

Shower? Shave? Apply cologne? Brush teeth? Check, check, check! These are basic hygiene routines that should carefully be followed prior to meeting with an escort. Think about it, would clients want their escort smelling bad with teeth that haven’t been brushed? Probably not. It takes only 10 minutes to clean oneself and spend some time grooming beards or hair.

Ask About Payment Beforehand

Professional call girls let you know their cost and preferred method of payment before your session. Therefore, it is important to pay them the exact amount and method of payment to ensure you stay in their good books. Clients should also never leave it for the escort to ask them for money, this is something they should already be on top of handing over to her. If clients are bringing cash, it is polite to tuck it in an envelope and leave it where the escort asks you to. Never count money in front of the girl, always count it beforehand! If the escort counts it in front of a client, clients should not mistake this gesture as offensive. Escorts have every right to ensure they are receiving proper funds before giving any sexual service.

Let Her Know if You Are Nervous

It is completely fine to be nervous. Actually, it lets escorts know that clients are human and are excited! Letting the escort know about nervousness is helpful so she won’t mistake nerves for something else, like rudeness or tenseness. Most escorts are happy to help clients relax by giving a massage, chatting, and even making tea or coffee. On a side note, remember that escorts get nervous too.

Don’t Be Aggressive

Greeting the escort girl with a friendly hug, handshake, or kiss on the cheek is key. Clients need to be mindful to never grab an escort in any way or force themselves on her. It may be helpful to take the first few minutes to get settled and speak with her. An aggressive client never looks good and can scare her. Additionally, a client who acts superior or treats the girl like she is garbage or inferior, has a good chance of being black listed.

Don’t Try and Put on an Air

It is natural for clients to want to show up looking their very best and like they have a great job, lots of money, and have lots of sex regularly. However, it is important to keep things real with any escort from Amsterdam. This means, don’t lie about things that can easily be discovered, such as one’s sex game or the money in one’s bank account. An escort will quickly be able to tell by the tips a client gives her if he or she has the kind of money they pretend to flaunt. Moreover, an escort wil be able to tell who is a natural or frequent go-er of sex. While it is cute or helpful to fake-it-to-you-make-it, clients need to remember that they should not be someone they are not. Being open and honest with a prostitute is the best thing to be.

Be on Your Best Behavior

That’s right, just like grandma always said! Certainly, one should not curl up in the corner and wait for her to make all the move, but it is important to enter the room just like a gentleman does with his head up high and a welcoming presence. Prostitutes have met more people than you can think of, so making a great first impression is key. Usually, an escort will greet the client, go over their rules, and then ask them what they would like to do. At this point, clients need to express their desires for the session and be upfront and clear about them. Call girls are not there to mock or laugh at clients, they want to please. That is why clients should never be afraid to speak up about what they want to do with the girl.

An escort will ask a client to get comfortable, which means she is initiating sex. At this point, clients may start to undress or engage in foreplay with the her. Typically, an escort will lead or ask the man or woman to. Escorts will do anything the client asks and what the they are comfortable with. This is why it is important for clients to find prostitutes who are willing to offer services they want. Not every girl is interested in providing golden shower experiences or anal sex. Therefore, clients should never assume a companion will do something on the spot; sexual services need to be discussed prior to meeting. In fact, some escort girls become upset if they are begged to do something out of their comfort zone. This just reiterates the importance of why clients need to establish strong and positive communication between each other.

Leave a Generous Tip

Leaving a tip is the perfect way to let an escort know a client enjoyed her services. Clients should only do this if they are satisfied with the session and are leaving happy. Whether a tip is 10 dollars or 100 dollars, a tip is always welcomed by the escort. A tip says that you appreciate her service and thought she did exceptionally well. That being said, if clients’ finances do not allow you to leave a tip, they can choose to let her know or simply don’t bring it up.

Write an Honest Review

After clients get home from their time with an escort, it is important to leave a honest and detailed review. Other clients will want to know if the pictures matched the girl, what her personality is like, the experience, and any other details that are important for them to know. Even if writing is not a client’s thing, it is important to remember that the client is doing this for other clients’ sake. This is especially necessary if the prostitue was a scam or was not who she said she was in the pictures. While it sucks that the first client had to discover this, at least others won’t waste their time. Write the review for the other potential clients so that they know what to expect. Additionally, great reviews are always appreciated by the escort and agency.

Scrub Down

Just like how clients shower before meeting an escort, it is important to shower afterwards. A reputable Amsterdam escort agency regularly screens call girls for diseases and infections, but it is always a good idea to clean oneself after. Sometimes escorts will let clients shower in the area they had sex in, such as a hotel bathroom. However, clients should not always expect the companion to offer this, such as if the client is in the escorts own home. On a side note, showering after sex helps prevent irritations and urinary tract infections.

Individuals looking to book a sexual service with an escort in an area they are visiting, should consider an escort instead of a tour guide. Local Amsterdam escorts know their area well, so would clients need to ask themselves if they would rather have a middle-aged man giving the tour or a sexy woman who will treat them to a wonderful time. Guaranteed walking around with a sexy woman on your arm is an easy reason why to choose such companion as a tour guide. Call girls make great travel companions because they are eager to have a good time. Clients do not have to worry about an escort showing up dressed inappropriately or confused about where they need to go or how to act. Professional, elite escorts are like chameleons – they can change into any role. That is why, clients should consider such women as not only sexual partners but travel companions, too. 

Alternatively, such women may also be down to attending work functions or family events. Those who wish to book this kind of service must explicitly tell the escort what they need to wear, the occasion, how they should act, and give a run-down of the event they will be attending. Most professional prostitutes will even do their own research to ensure they are behaving appropriately and are not left in the dark about anything. For example, if the girl knows the company the client works for, she may go on the company’s website and research important information. 

Sex Tips and Techniques

Hookers are skilled in the bedroom, there is no doubt about it. No matter an escort’s level of experience, she will be confident and mesmerizing. For a client, especially those who are new to sex industry, it can be intimidating the first time. Luckily, there are some tips and technique to keep in your back pocket. To begin with, foreplay is always helpful in setting the tone and allowing clients to calm their nerves if they need to. Adding in fun toys or scented lubricants can also spice things up and show the escort a client truly values their time together. However, if you are wanting to use toys with an escort for, let’s say, double penetration, be sure to provide them and bring them in the package sealed. Not every woman will carry these kinds of toys in her bag or keep them kicking around, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t bring them and neither does she.

Clients must also realize that they need not be too hard on themselves; call girls are fairly patient people who love to spend time with their clients. No matter the skill level of the client, there is pleasure to be had with an escort. It is suggested that clients focus on their sexual strengths, whether that be anal, giving oral, or kissing. Once an escort girl sees a client confident in an area of sex but not so much in the other, it shows their confidence and effort levels. If there is something a client wants to get better at, it is important to let their companion know so she can help with improvement.

Psychological Aspects of Seeing an Escort

The realm of psychological aspects of being a prostitute is a whole other topic, but the psychological aspects of seeing an escort is something to address here. For many men and women, sex is a natural thing that does not need to involve emotion, attachment, or love. For these individuals, sex with an escort is for pleasure and nothing more. However, for those clients that become easily attached, such act can be quite difficult, especially if it occurs for a long duration of time.

As a result, it can psychologically hard to have sex and cut ties afterwards. Furthermore, if the client starts to develop feelings for the escort, picturing her having sex with others afterwards is almost too much to handle. It is important for clients to set boundaries before meeting. Escorts are doing their job and clients must do theirs by accepting a service and leaving promptly afterwards. While there have been stories of prostitutes and clients falling in love, most often this does not happen. A tip for clients is to not become attached and if feelings begin to develop, find another hooker. If you are looking for a girlfriend then a call girl is not where you should start looking. 

The Takeaway

The biggest takeaway from this guide is to enjoy the experience. Amsterdam escorts work hard to please every client and provide their sex drive with an outlet, but it is important to find the right companion along with the right agency. Clients must take their time and do research, as this will only benefit them in the long run. Whether gentlemen prefer a quickie or are looking for the Girlfriend Experience, it is possible to have it all and then some with a sexy girl. Before booking an escort online or meeting one in person, take some of these tips into consideration. While it is exciting to meet an escort and receive services you are dying to experience, it is necessary to lay the ground work first. This means, clients need to find the right agency, a girl that they have done their research on and read extensive reviews about first, and then discussing what they will be receiving from her prior to the date.