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How to Avoid Getting Blocked by Amsterdam escorts

Good Amsterdam escorts have as deep an understanding of the human psyche and emotional condition as doctors. An escort understands that there are many pegs for many holes and a little nonjudgemental tolerance goes a long way towards greasing the wheels of social interaction. But like anyone they have their limits.

Remember, despite the typically intimate interactions between an escort and her client, it's important to remember that for her, your encounters are BUSINESS. Your time together is an appointment, not a date. (Euphemistic nomenclature aside.) During your time together she'll put you on top of the world and make you feel like a king. But you're paying for that privilege. Some terms of your transaction are negotiable, but others are chiseled in stone and attempting to chip at that stone will have you on the other side of a wall that you'll never cross again.

Escort's time is a limited resource.

Your "date" (Nomenclature--Remember?) begins at the appointed time. Not when you finally show up. She's already spent time and effort preparing herself for your encounter. Showing up on time is rule number one for any time-sensitive business. (Your doctor doesn't like it when you're late; andwhat would your employer do?) Do not waste her time. The escort girl may have had to refuse a regular client she could have depended on to show up since you called first. Now she's lost out on two appointments. Don't expect her to answer your calls anymore.

Wasting time also extends to initial contact. Your phone call is to set up an appointment and work out the details of your encounter. You don't have to impress the escort or burden her with the mundane details of your life. She'll appreciate it if you get into time and date details quickly. Getting chatty, or going into too much information will put her on alert that you might be a time waster. Likewise, she's not a phone sex service. if the call girl suspects you're trying to titillate yourself by wasting her time; you'll be talking to a dial tone.

Amsterdam escorts need factual basic information from you.

They are putting themself at risk by meeting a stranger and may need to do a discreet background check on you just to be sure you're not on a most wanted list. Seriously, the escort girl doesn't need to know anything about you that doesn't already appear on the Internet, but if you turn out to be a ghost because you lied to her with false information, you've just demonstrated that you can't be trusted and deserve the cancellation you'll probably get.

These Amsterdam escorts are ladies and expects you to be a gentleman. You should show up clean, shaven, (or at least trimmed if you're into facial hair.) A bit of cologne and mouthwash goes deep into those gears of social interaction. No one wants to be near someone who smells bad. If for some reason you have to show up less than sparkling, (Just off the handball court perhaps?) At the very least let her know ahead of time. Perhaps you could start your time together with a shower or a bubble bath. When you get together, she's going to shine for you. Don't put her in a bad light by neglecting basic human ablutions, or you'll be ban-hammered over that stone wall.

If she gives you specific instructions for your encounter

It's not a suggestion. If you companion tells you where to park, there's a good chance she's saving you from a tow. Go around to the specific door or corner the escort told you about or the exact corner on the exact side of the street. She's protecting her privacy, not to mention yours. Whatever reasons for her instructions, following them will get you to your encounter with minimized fuss and friction. If you can't be trusted to follow directions, you probably won't be trusted to come again.

THE word associated with Amsterdam escorts is, of course, sex. An escort is going to be more understanding about your kinks and proclivities. But if you're into something especiallystrange, the time to spring it on her is not when the bedroom door closes. Everyone has their limits and boundaries, hers will probably extend somewhat further than your wife or girlfriend, but they ARE limits. If you want her to change the baby's diaper and rock him to sleep, then mention it during your initial phone call. She may or may not accommodate you. (Most of the escorts are probably heard stranger things.) But if she tells you it's something she's not into--DON'T show up in a diaper or it's over the wall for you.

If the call girl already refused something you asked about, don't attempt to push her into changing her mind. Refusals are part of those carved-in-stone non-negotiables. The answer you got when the call ended is the one that you will abide by if you don't want a taste of that ban-hammer. If you get obnoxious, it's very possible that there's someone watching over her who can be quickly summoned with a discreet signal.

If you show up under the influence, don't be surprised if the escort girl turns on her heel and leaves you standing empty-handed. She shouldn't have to concern herself as to whether or not you can make it up a flight of stairs, or get sick and ruin the expensive dress she put on for your benefit, or have a run-in with police who noticed your erratic behavior. Just don't. Be a gentleman and have a drink or two (that's enough) with her. If you need more of a high, celebrate your encounter after she leaves.

Escort expects and deserves proper respect and social discourse. 

She's a lady. If you expect her to be comfortable and easy with you, then act like a sane member of the human race. If you're paranoid and jumpy, she'll be nervous and be wondering what's wrong. Looking her in the eye when you talk to her, smiling and engaging in social niceties like holding the door for her, will keep your time together relaxed and easy.

In the unfortunate situation where you may have some minor difficulty with social interaction such as shyness or a touch of depression; let her know, ahead of time and be sure to mention any medications that keep you grounded and even. She may not want to be bothered, but she may of someone more appropriate. Let her decide. Don't let sweaty palms and shifty eyes get you banned because she didn't know that you're a little shy around women you don't know.

So, of course, it's likely that your encounter will lead to sex. That doesn't mean that you paid to throw down for a solid hour (or whatever) of sex. The escort will need a bit of recovery time and perhaps some refreshment and a trip to the bathroom to reset and touch up. Don't expect to go again right away just because the pills you took on the way is telling you that you can. If you forget that it's a valuable and delicate commodity you're abusing your future calls will be ignored.

Don't take off condoms

Another one of those non-negotiable terms with any escort girl in Amsterdam is the use of a condom during sex. Don't argue. It won't do you any good, If you refuse, and argue about it, you're out and you won't be coming back. She's protecting both of you so don't get locked out over something that's a minor inconvenience at best. And besides, the escort may know of a special type that will change the whole experience for you.


Your transaction is in cash and you knew that and how much it would be by the time you hung up the phone. Don't even try to renegotiate and no, plastic is NOT welcome. Coin of the realm is expected immediately upon services rendered. Don't insult the escort by offering traveler checks, or gift cards. And no she isn't a cash register--That is, she doesn't make change. If you can't break the bills in your pocket to get to the exact amount, you'll be giving her a tip--Something you should be doing anyway.

So, after all that, if for some reason you dial her number and it isn't answered, or there's no response to your text messages, and you suddenly find yourself locked out of her social media account...face it. You've been banned. Accept it. Somehow you messed up. Maybe you already know what you've done. Most certainly do NOT stalk her. Don't hang in places where you think you'll encounter her. If you do happen to cross paths with her, just look away. Don't embarrass yourself.

There are other less particular women out there who will probably put up with your rude and antisocial behavior. They'll even be easier on your wallet--but not at all reccomended.