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Why blonde escorts are so popular in Amsterdam

The saying is that blondes have more fun, but what about when it comes to their popularity in the escort business? Do you find yourself always leaning towards booking a session with such beauty rather than a fiery red head or brunette? If your answer is yes, you are probably not alone. All men have different preferences, hair being just one of them. We are here to answer the lingering question: are blonde escorts really more popular in Amsterdam?

Elite Clients Want Elite Escorts

A man who enjoys the finer things in life will more than likely request an intimate experience with an escort who enjoys similar things. This may be impossible for them to find in their personal lives, so hiring an escort can fulfill their fantasy of a sexual experience with a blondie.

The Rare Beauty 

Let’s be honest, North America, Asia, and even Africa are not home to many true blonde women such as in Europe’s Sweden or Amsterdam. As a result, finding a natural beauty is difficult for some men in countries where natural blondes are hard to come by. Therefore, when these men travel to Europe, particularly Amsterdam, their jaws drop at the huge selection of sexy, light-haired escorts to choose from. Not only do these elite escorts have bleached hair, most of them have pure, light skin that is silky smooth. It is not that the other escorts who have different colored hair are unattractive, but these type of girls definitely take top pick depending on the man.

The Bubbly Personality

Typically, blondies are portrayed as being cute and bubbly, and this turns on a lot of men. Alternatively, they also make sexy librarians or secretaries. The sex appeal of escorts makes them a popular choice. 

They Are More Popular In the Escort World

A survey performed gathered data about the preferences men have in the kinds of escorts they choose. Not shocking, the data revealed that clients preferred blonde escorts. No matter if the escort has short, long, straight, or wavy, they were the top choice. It just goes to show that clients from all around the world voted in and the light-haired beauties won.

How to Book

Finding a reputable agency to book an escort through is the first most important step. Hop onto a our website and browse the different profiles of Amsterdam escort girls available to you; filter search by hair color. After you select one, you can call the agency to confirm your booking and sort out payment methods. This is also a good time to ask the agency any questions you may have. Some escorts will even give out their phone number or email for you to contact them through. It is suggested that you send your escort a friendly message that you are looking forward to seeing them, as this will set a good tone between the two of you. Most of these escorts are easy going and welcome the client to make the first move.

Why Your Experience with Such Girl Will Blow Your Mind

Booking a session with such companion will leave you wanting more. It will be an experience like no other, as you fall into her long, luscious locks, or run your hands through her short blonde hair. 

What to Expect During Your Session

It all depends on what you book for – anal, role-playing, bondage, girlfriend experience? Whatever you are looking for, be sure to clearly explain to your escort what you are expecting and wanting out of the time together. Amsterdam escorts love to make their clients satisfied and leave happy, so do not hesitate to be as descriptive and honest a possible with them. During your time with such companion, you should expect to be treated like a King, with all your sexual desires fulfilled.

There are many reasons why blonde escorts are favored in the Amsterdam. From the way they look on the outside to their bubbly personalities, they remain a top choice. Men love a woman who is sexy, sophisticated, bubbly, laid-back, and daring all at the same time.  Ditch the drab brown, black, red, and fake blondes that seem to be everywhere you look. While these ladies are still gorgeous, there is nothing that compares to a sexy, natural blonde with the sexual experience every man needs time with.