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Beware of photo scams from escorts in Amsterdam

Dishonest business practices are nothing new and exist in just about any type of business. Amsterdam escort agencies are no exception and the existence of phony agencies that lure in clients with false expectations is a tremendous problem in the sex industry. The fraud begins as soon as you see their supposed escorts, which are simply stolen pictures of models who the escort agency's unsuspecting clients have no hope of actually meeting. These dishonest escort agencies don't see any problem with using fake photographs to scam clients, and the harm they can cause is unfortunate.

Obviously, the scammed client is a victim in these situations but legitimate escort agencies are also very negatively affected. These agencies are running a professional, honest business with quality models who invest a great of money on professional photos. When beautiful, high-class girls put themselves out there it's not for the purpose of having their images stolen and used in a way that damages the reputation of reputable escort agencies. They have no reason to hide or use someone else's picture, and this is exploited. A client that doesn't know any better will see those glamorous photos and have no idea of their origin, making a decision that will lead to getting scammed. The plan of these fake agencies is to hook a client by advertising a model with a stolen picture but then having a different model actually appear. It's a classic bait and switch scam which a professional escort agency would simply never use.

Our independent Amsterdam escorts are also victims when this scam occurs with their picture being stolen. When an escort or a professional model has her images used without her consent, it is upsetting. A scammer is using her photos without permission and, in some cases, they may be modeling shots that were never intended to be associated with escorting. Reputable directories such AMSTERGIRLS consider using fake photos and engaging in a bait and switch to be unacceptable. Of course, not all directories have these standards and will still feature the fake agencies. And once a photo has been stolen, it's very hard for the model to get them removed and she has to make the effort to contact the web hosting company to get this done. This practice negatively affects the model, the customer and all reputable escort agencies in Amsterdam that run their business honestly.

Not As Advertised- How to Handle the Problem With Bait and Switch Escorts

What is Bait and Switch

The tactic of bait-and-switch was first used by merchandisers to draw customers into businesses seeking an advertised item only to find a typical high-pressure sales pitch for something else when the original item was nowhere to be found. When applied to escorts in Amsterdam you can easily see how this dishonest scheme can cause a client trouble. You spend your time and energy seeking the right escort only to discover upon meeting that the girl from the picture is not the one standing before you. This tactic is also sometimes known as "catfishing," but it's really just a form of lying regardless of what you call it.

Sometimes it is a completely different girl from the pictures you've seen, but just as often it is the right girl with pictures that are so out of date as to be ludicrous. No reputable Amsterdam escort girl uses pictures from when she was 19 if she is actually 25. It is important to keep perspective if this should occur. Most escorts are simply trying to make a living and the majority of them are forthright and treat customers well. Unfortunately a few 'bad eggs,' can still cause a problem.

Why Does it Happen

Girls who practice this sort of business are fundamentally dishonest. Some may be ashamed of their profession and afraid they will get caught practicing their trade. Others use more attractive pictures to raise prices knowing that timid customers may pay anyway out of fear or because they don't know how to handle rejecting someone.

In some cases, the agency itself is to blame for posting pictures that draw attention and then sending whoever happens to be available. These escort agencies are preying upon men's desires and banking on the fact that some clients can't be bothered to complain, while others don't know how to assert themselves. Whatever the case may be, do not deal with anyone who is willing to lie in this way. It is likely that they are dishonest in other ways too, which doesn't bode well for you as a client.

If a reputable escort agency has a problem with booking the girl you requested, they will contact you. Far from the highway robbery of the crude agencies who demand to be paid for services not rendered, the honest escort company will communicate with clients. It is rare, but double bookings happen, girls can get sick or quit their jobs. Any decent company which manages escorts will offer to replace the services with another girl who is very similar. If you refuse, a reputable agency will simply apologize and leave it at that. An agency who demands you pay for a bait and switch is bad business.

What Can You Do

In order to protect yourself from this sort of scam, it is best to make certain you state up front that you will not be financially responsible for any costs incurred in the event of a bait-and-switch. Being clear about this can help prevent unnecessary costs to you and deter an agency from sending the wrong escort.

Sometimes you can see that an agency is likely to be one of the bad ones just by taking the extra time to check them out thoroughly. Look at the reviews first. Another sign is when the pictures are the same as those you've seen elsewhere. Very few escorts are going to work for more than one agency at a time because a good escort agency will keep her booked. Additionally, an agency that has pictures which never change is probably up to something. Escorts have a fair turn over rate and honest girls get new pictures fairly frequently.

If the wrong girl shows up (or answers the door at an incall location) you should leave. There is no reason to accept service from someone who you haven't booked. Don't get tricked into listening to a sales pitch or a sob story. It is not worth the risk.

Write a review if this happens. Making others aware of the problem is one way to help keep it from happening. Most Amsterdam escorts want to work for a reputable company and will not apply to an agency that shows a history of dishonest transactions and unhappy customers. Likewise, you will help prevent other men from falling into the same trap. An agency that has no escorts and no customers isn't going to last long.

Final Thoughts

You need not to settle for having a bad experience with escorts. There are many wonderful women available, and most of them prefer to do their business in a straightforward and genuine manner. If you do happen to run into a bait-and-switch situation don't just go along with it. You are the client, and you are paying for a specific service with a particular individual whom you have personally selected. You are entitled to receive what you paid for. If the agency or individual cannot provide what you have booked for, take your business elsewhere. You will avoid a lot of trouble by simply saying no instead of allowing yourself to become a victim of this scheme.