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Escorts are more than just sex-trade workers who are aesthetically and sexually pleasing. They are real businesswomen who work hard to bring home a pay cheque every month. Perhaps, you may have acquired some false information about prostitutes or do not know much about them other than the work they do, so we have put together a helpful informational guide on things you didn’t know about Amsterdam escorts. You just may be surprised at what you will learn!

Escorts Can Earn Serious Money

While the work may be frowned upon by some citizens, independent escorts can earn a hefty pay cheque consistently every money. A high-class escort can earn thousands per hour and that is enough for her to support herself and a man (if she decides she wants one). The next time you see or are with an escort, remember that these girls earn their dollars.

They Are Susceptible to Relationship Issues

It’s hard to balance work and relationships, but is even harder when you are in the line of escort work. These girls connect with many men and women each day and strive to make their experiences amazing. However, at the end of the day, an escort is left with very little time to pamper themselves and the special someone in their life. As a result, many relationships in an escort’s life, especially romantic relationships, can suffer.

STI’s Are Not Protected Against

Some places in the world have escorts tested for STI’s, but in Amsterdam, these girls do not have to be tested for any disease or infection. While this should not scare you, it is a reminder to use protection at all times if frequenting the Red-Light District. If you choose to not use protection, at least you now know the consequences.

Police and Ambulance Services Are On-Call

Because of the high-risk nature of the job, first responders are a call away for escorts. Not every client will be respectful and kind, and so escorts have to deal with physical and emotional abuse. Luckily, if there is an emergency, someone will be there to help within seconds.

Escorts Deal with Stress and Anxiety

Just like anyone else, Amsterdam escorts deal with stress and anxiety. The call girls in the windows in the Red-Light District, are constantly on display and being critiqued by those walking by. As a result, it can take a toll on the mental health of escorts. These women are working hard to earn money and they depend on their health to earn a pay cheque.

Most Escorts Have an Education

Society likes to consider escort girls as not being very intelligent other than when it comes to sex – that is so untrue. A lot of prostitutes have degrees in subjects such as law, education, and medicine. Additionally, working as an escort is considered a part-time gig for some ladies as they put themselves through school, pay off loans, or feed their families. On a side note, these working women do have to pay taxes and they do belong to a union.

Prostitutes Can Be as Young as 16

In Amsterdam, girls as young as 16 can legally work as prostitutes and escorts. The majority of women you will encounter are under 30 years of age and are from various countries around the world.

Escorts Can Be Shy

Not every escort in Amsterdam that you will come across will be confident and experienced. Some of the girls working are new or simply are suffering from performance anxiety. There will always be competition between escorts or the struggle of trying to please numerous clients during a shift, and this can lead to escorts feeling insecure about themselves.
It is easy to develop a skewed view or opinion of the local escorts. These women, no matter their skill level or age, are in the same line of work and therefore, suffer the same struggles and ordeals. As a client, it is important to consider their lives and what it really is like to work in the sex-trade, even though you are just a paying customer. The next time you find yourself walking the Red-Light District or being entertained by a sexy Dutch escort, remember the sensitive nature of their job.