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How to be the most desirable escort in Amsterdam

As an independent escort, you dedicate hours to beautifying yourself, working out in the gym, improving your techniques, and even promoting yourself online. However, you notice that there is an escort in your agency who is still reeling in an insane amount of bookings, almost every client in the city it seems. Why is this? Well, don’t be dismayed because this is possible to become your destiny, too. With these helpful tips and secrets in mind, you will soon be on your way to becoming Amsterdam’s most desirable and booked escort girl.

Keep up appearances.

Personality is important, but so is a sexy body and face when working as an escort in Amsterdam. Make sure you dedicate time to exercise every single day, and fuel your body with nutritious food. Depending on the client, the body shape and appearance preferences will differ. That being said, an escort with a toned body and some curves is a classic look that generally never goes out of style. This look can be achieved or maintained by doing cardio combined with weights. In addition to working out and eating right, wearing the right clothes is essential. Invest in high-quality, sexy lingerie, such as G-strings and push-up bras. These kinds of garments not only will accentuate your curves and tightly toned body in pictures but will make them look even better in person. On days off, book yourself in at the spa for pampering. For example, get a facial to keep your skin youthful and smooth, get a pedicure and manicure, and get a massage to keep your body feeling great. Putting time into your appearance matters and clients notice too.

Build-up confidence.

A popular independent escort girl knows who she is, what she wants, and how to please a client. If confidence is something you have struggled with up until now, here is some advice. Even if you do not know how to acquire confidence overnight essentially, remember the saying fake it until you make it. By continuously trying to act confident, you will eventually become it. Clients desire an escort who knows how to please them and is confident in her ways, and she isn’t afraid to speak up about something of concern or what she believes in. Confidence is your best friend as an escort because it will help you stand your ground in certain situations. The private escort that seems to be getting all the clients has confidence, but so can you. Stop focusing on what you aren’t and start focusing on what you have. Don’t have big boobs but the perfect ass? Show it off and buy a push-up bra.

Offer unique services.

The escort that seems to be getting all the clients is the one who is offering services you are not. Anal, girlfriend experience, and golden shower are some services you should add to your list if you haven’t already. Popular Amsterdam escorts are willing to do almost anything their clients ask, and almost rarely will say no. It is important as a call girl to not put yourself in an uncomfortable position, but to keep in mind that being daring in the sheets will make you more appealing as an escort.

Leave some to the imagination.

Advertising yourself online is helpful and necessary in establishing and maintaining yourself as an escort, but you may want to leave some things to the imagination. When posting photos on your profile, you may wish to leave out your face or boobs in the photograph. Or, you may want to resist sharing nude photos with clients. By doing so, you are leaving their imagination to run wild and for them to want to book you so they can see the entire package. With naked independent escorts all over the internet nowadays, try being the opposite.

Take amazing photos.

This is where you may want to hire a professional photographer or hire your friend who is a hobby photographer. Ask your photographer to find your flattering side and take an array of photos to choose from. Pose in sexy lingerie or a favorite outfit that highlights all your best features. The most desirable private escort is not taking selfies in the car or bathroom with her iPhone, but instead, she is paying top dollar for high-quality, enhanced photos of herself. You want your photos to outshine all the other escorts’ photos, so find a good photographer and come prepared with lingerie, make-up, hair, and confidence.
Practice that smile.

A great smile can put anyone at ease and illuminate any room. Practice that smile in the mirror until you have perfected it. There is no reason to go out and spend a fortune on veneers, if you find your smile feeling a little yellow thanks to coffee and wine, use whitening tooth paste or strips for an instant rejuvenation. When posting photos on your escort ad, don’t forget to post one of you smiling. When clients see your contagious smile, they will instantly feel connected and intrigued. Moreover, they will start to imagine how time spent with you will feel like. A great smile goes a long way!
Invest in your career.

That escort who is getting all the clients rocks Chanel and Coach handbags paired with tons of other designer brands. To her clients, she appears rich and luxurious, but she may be spending all her hard-earned cash on designer goods. Investing in garments to promote yourself or the kind of escort you want to be is the secret to looking like a high-class prostitute. Additionally, investing in your career can be done in a number of other ways. Whether it be grooming yourself, taking professional photos, or practicing your smile, these are investments that will help you reach more clients.
Go above and beyond with clients.

Ensuring your clients leave satisfied is your job as a call girl, but going above and beyond to ensure they are leaving your session like they have left no other will make you more desirable than other independent escorts in Amsterdam. A simple gesture like offering him a glass of water or wine, a back massage, or even taking a few minutes to ask him about his day while rubbing his arm or shoulders will make the client feel like you genuinely care. If you know it is your client’s birthday or found out he is getting a promotion at work, why not find a special way to celebrate with him? He will be amazed that you did and will instantly build a connection with you. Clients love to feel like they are cared about by the escort and not just another time slot in her day book.

Get experienced.

How did any expert become an expert at something? Practice, practice, practice! Being a desirable and popular escort means knowing how to work it during sex and provide services that leave the client wanting more. It is important to be the best at the services you offer and obtain the mindset that you are the best. It is better to offer 5 amazing service than 10 mediocre services. Find your strengths and strengthen them and work on your weaknesses to make them strengths. 

Have a great attitude.

Complaining and obtaining a negative mindset will only put a damper on your appearance. Private escort girls who have a great attitude no matter what is thrown at them will have a better career as a prostitute. Working in the sex industry, you will quickly find that each day is different and so are the clients that come with it. You may have a client who has had a bad day at work and isn’t talkative, but don’t take this personally. As an indepndent escort, you have to push through the hard times and know that clients come to you with various problems, but your job is to satisfy them! If you decide to become upset or pry into the client, they may not wish to come back.

Practice solid communication skills.

Engaging in meaningful conversation, listening to your clients, and taking the time to invest in them will help your career flourish. It can be so simple as to text your client before your time together saying you are excited to see them or afterwards thanking them for the time together, shows you are reaching out and taking the time to do so. Good communication skills also means speaking up if you are uncomfortable with something; clients do appreciate this and will in turn, hopefully voice any concerns or ask any questions. As an escort, you have to establish strong communication if you expect your clients to do the same with you. Listening is part of being a good communicator. A lot of times clients come to escort for sex and for someone to listen to them. Remember, what fuels the sex industry are clients who are not getting something out of their relationships. Sometimes a client just wants you to listen to their day or offer some advice on a problem they are dealing with in their personal life. As a prostitute, it may feel overwhelming at times to try and emotionally please all your clients, but just taking some time to thank your client for chatting with you and helping them relax is all they need! You aren’t expected to play counsellor, but you should play a good listener and use helpful responses. 

De-stress and focus.

Amsterdam escorts have personal lives of course, and sometimes personal issues can affect the way sex companions feel or act during their working hours. Fighting with a boyfriend? Getting divorced? Arguing with a family member? All of these things can cause stress and interfere with the way an escort performs. There is even research that reveals stress can cause men to feel turned off of an escort! Clients wants the girl to focus on their needs and please them sexually, but if the escort is off in la-la-land day dreaming about her problems, then this could pose as an issue. Try as much as possible to leave your problems at the door when starting work. While some personal issues are hard to put to the side, you don’t want your career to suffer. Taking time to relax after work and practice personal development or meditation can help immensely with de-stressing. On a side note, letting your clients know if you are having a hard day but will give them an amazing service like usual, may be helpful so that they know to not take it personally.

Educate yourself.

Clients who can have an intellectually stimulating conversation with a beautiful companion will become even more attracted to her. You don’t have to have a degree to be intelligent, but it does require reading up on current events, reading literature, and being able to hold a conversation about certain topics. If you know the interests of your clients or their careers, why not take some time to learn about things to talk to them about? By doing this, it’ll show your clients that you have brains and beauty.

There are many things to consider when working towards becoming a popular and most desirable escort. It can be hard to sit back and watch another call girl reel in dozens of clients per day while you reel in a handful. Luckily, there are many ways to improve your game as a sex trade worker and to make clients flock to you. Often times, it is simple things escorts forget to pay attention to that can affect their business. Be mindful of how you promote yourself, put time into your appearance, get to know your clients on a personal level, and practice confidence! All of these things will help you be that private escort on the block whose day book is blowing up and money is coming in hand-over-fist. With these tips in mind, we hope you can rejuvenate your escort business and flourish in your career.