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Quick introduction to the Amsterdam escort industry

In Amsterdam, sex is considered a person’s right; that is why prostitutes and escorts are freely allowed to work. Perhaps other countries should learn a thing or two from the Dutch, as the Western world tends to categorize sex as a taboo subject, something to even be ashamed of. The truth is, everyone has sex and enjoys the feeling of being intimate with someone. When it comes to escorts and prostitutes, these women love sex and love the thought of meeting new individuals each day – this is their job. If you have ever wondered about escorts in Amsterdam or are taking a trip to this beautiful city sometime soon, we have put together an essential guide on what you need to know.

The Dutch government has no problem with prostitution because it reels in money for them. As a result, sex and escorting are a normal part of society in the Netherlands. Both regular citizens and the women who work in the industry live in harmony because of mutual respect. Amsterdam escort girls are part of their own union and receive benefits like any working citizen in the country. Once citizens have turned 21, they are free to enter work as a prostitute or escort; at 21 you are considered to be responsible in your own decision making. That being said, whether or not the family of the girl who is of age to be a sex trade worker agrees with it or not, that is another story.

There are various types of escort girls, despite the stigma of it being strictly sex. In fact, prostitutes can find work doing window prostitution, sex clubs, brothels, and home visits. One of the most common places to find window prostitution is in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Here, residents and tourists can watch sexy, erotic women dancing or posing in the window under a red light. If a prostitute catches their eye, they can establish a price with them and get down to business. Be prepared that with these ladies, the sex or other intercourse will be quite quick; it all depends on the girl, but typically, this is how they run their businesses. What are the benefits of window work? The perk of working in the Red Light District is the movement of business. Men and women travel by the windows frequently, and so escorts are constantly meeting new clients. Sex workers have a fast-paced work environment in this area, and it is important to keep in mind that quick sex and pleasure is found here. Additionally, escorts working in windows do not have to pay or take a cut of their pay to give to landlords, room owners, or other business owners – the money is theirs. You may find that as a result, rates are more affordable or consistent.

What are sex clubs?

Sex clubs are similar to dance clubs, where you can drink and party. However, sex clubs incorporate the opportunity to choose sexy women to hook-up with. Most sex clubs will offer a variety of women to choose from, depending on the location of the club. High traffic and a variety of women to select vary from region to region. What are the benefits of working in a sex club? Sex clubs are ideal for escorts because they are typically allowed to keep all their earnings; some workers may pay a little to the club owner, but this is all dependent on the place of work. Sex clubs are a fast-pace and exciting place for both clients and prostitutes.

What are brothels?

Similar to sex clubs, brothels are private businesses that hire call girls to work to entertain and provide sexual services to clients. Depending on the brothel, it may have comfy lounge beds, chairs, and luxurious hot tubs. What are the benefits of working at a brothel? Brothels give the prostitute a safe place to work. There are usually panic buttons in every room, in case the prostitute runs into issues. Brothels also provide a good environment for prostitutes getting started in the sex trade industry.

What is home prostitution?

With modern technology, prostitution is now made more accessible. Amsterdam escorts can actually sell their services online from the comfort of their own home, and clients can find services easily online. What will happen when I meet a prostitute? Whether you meet the call girl in a brothel or window, there are several important things to consider. You will be warmly greeted by a beautiful woman wearing a sexy outfit who will lead you in to talk to her. This woman who greets you will not necessarily be the woman you will engage in sexual intercourse with. Most times, the woman who greets you, such as at a brothel, is the hostess. While she is stunning, she will introduce you to numerous girls to choose from. Don’t feel rushed to make a decision; take your time selecting the right girl.

Once you’ve decided on an escort, she will lead you into a special room equipped with a luxurious bed, fluffy carpet and pillows, and shower. It is normal to have clients shower before sexual intercourse, so do not be surprised if your girl asks you to. From there, she may enter the shower if you appeal to her, or prepare herself in the bedroom for when you come out. Afterwards, make sure you dry off well and even use some of the cologne or body spray she has laid out for you. Some professionals like to start off with a back rub, prostate massage, or some way to get to know you a little better and break the tension between the two of you.

Always be sure to ask your prostitute if there are any extra charges for services she may offer you throughout the night, as this will keep any surprised from happening. Services will begin as soon as you arrive and services will end as soon as you finish. We cannot stress enough how important it is for the clients to leave on time; if you have to be asked to leave then you are not leaving on time. Don’t forget to thank the gorgeous girl for her time and be on your way.

What are the top brothels/sex clubs to visit in Amsterdam?

If you have the remarkable opportunity to visit Amsterdam and want to visit a brothel or sex club, we know just the places you’ll enjoy. The Banana Bar is an exciting place where women walk around pleasing men, and they will use bananas (hence the name) if the client wishes. Asmara is a posh sex club that will cost you some money, but the experience is well worth it. If you are traveling with a partner or someone you are looking for fun with, you may want to consider one of Amsterdam’s oldest swingers club. Here, you will find likeminded individuals looking for a good time.

You don’t have to be too cautious of the Dutch, as they are honest people. However, being a mindful and aware traveler should always be practiced. There is a scam to be aware of that goes on between taxi drivers. For example, to get customers in their taxi cab, drivers will tell the customer they are taking them to a brothel or sex club (if customer is not specific), and drive them to a lower-class establishment or one that is not as popular. Customers are encouraged to always give the taxi driver an address or specific name, to avoid this from happening. Here, you will find police regularly patrolling the area. This is to ensure citizens are behaving themselves in the Red Light District, as well an ensuring minors are kept out of it. If you ever come across an issue while in this area, do not hesitate to speak with a police officer. Additionally, if you need assistance in the area, there are available guides to speak with that can help tour you around and find available local escorts.

One of the greatest things about traveling here is the ability to freely enjoy and explore sex with local Amsterdam escorts. In this city, prostitution is not viewed as dirty, shameful, or a job women with no education take part in. Instead, it is viewed as just another career. While citizens will definitely have mixed opinions of it, especially if they have a family member in the area of work, it is overall seen as a normal job (with some exciting perks). When traveling to Amsterdam and visiting brothels, sex clubs, or any other establishment where you receive sex services, it is important to practice safe sex and be respectful of the prostitutes at all times. Different businesses and workers will have different rules and expectations, so be aware of them. The entire country is rich in its history and sights to be seen, and prostitution has remained a significant part of it. We hope you find your time in Amsterdam to be enjoyable and exploratory, so matter which part of the district you end up in.